Faster Javascript Trim

Want the best way to trim a sting in javascript?

A while ago, I came across a post on such a subject. It was written a few years ago but it’s still as relevant and useful as ever. 

The author basically compares a bunch of different methods to trim a string across the 2 big browsers at the time, Internet Explorer and Firefox, and figures out the fastest way of doing it.

For more detail, follow the link above, otherwise, here is the conclusion.

Fastest trim method for normal length strings

return str.replace(/^\s\s*/, '').replace(/\s\s*$/, '');

Fastest trim method for super long strings

function trim11 (str) {
	str = str.replace(/^\s+/, '');
	for (var i = str.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
		if (/\S/.test(str.charAt(i))) {
			str = str.substring(0, i + 1);
	return str;

Note: For the super geeks out there, this site will show you and allow you to test what is the fastest trim method on a particular browser… enjoy!

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