Javascript library to manage Flash Local Stored Objects

In an earlier post, I explained how to use Javascript to talk to a Flash file to create and read Local stored objects, a.k.a. Flash cookies.

The only hitch I met was that I couldn’t create cross domain cookies this way as I was hitting the same domain policy. However as pointed out in the comments, it is possible, and simple too… I just needed to add… Continue reading “Javascript library to manage Flash Local Stored Objects”

Create a smart, cross browser floating menu using Javascript

I recently wrote a Javascript library to show a floating menu that works cross browser and displays the menu based on a set of co-ordinates that you pass it.

The floating menu is just an absolute div that is hidden from view.

The library is smart in the sense that it determines where best to display the menu. It works out where you have scrolled to on the page and figures out if there is space at the top or bottom and to the left or right of where ever your target co-ordinates are.

This is useful where you want to display a menu, or some div, but you don’t know (or care) where the menu is going to be needed on the page.
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