Tidy and format your PHP and meet WordPress standards on Coda and TextWrangler

If you are working in a collaborative environment, coding standards are important. When you are reading through code that you haven’t written, it helps if it follows a standard.

As I work with Automattic, the keepers of WordPress.com, I get the opportunity to work on the WordPress Platform. WordPress have their own standards that are sensible without being pedantic and are similar to the PEAR standard. The emphasis of the standard (in my opinion), is to present your code so collaboration is as easy as possible. It would prefer if you wrote code that is easier to read and understand, even if it is a little longer, than some compressed, ubersmart block of code that only you can follow.
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Textwrangler Tips – Compare files, keyboard shortcuts

A few quick TextWrangler tips.

I never knew until recently that you can compare files in TextWrangler… and its easy.

Simply highlight the 2 files you want to compare in the Documents drawer, right click on them and select the option ‘Compare Selected Documents‘.

Now the 2 files will open into 2 windows with a review of the differences below them. You can then apply the differences in either direction.

Another tip is adding keyboard shortcuts to TextWrangler’s menu options.
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Format XML with TextWrangler

My text editor of choice on the Mac is TextWrangler. It’s lightweight and it has pretty much all you need from a text editor. In particular, I like that I can SFTP into my development server.

One issue that bugged me lately was when I opened an unindented, unformatted XML file. Basically, it looked a mess and there was no way to tidy the file up so that I could read it easily.

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