Javascript library to manage Flash Local Stored Objects

In an earlier post, I explained how to use Javascript to talk to a Flash file to create and read Local stored objects, a.k.a. Flash cookies.

The only hitch I met was that I couldn’t create cross domain cookies this way as I was hitting the same domain policy. However as pointed out in the comments, it is possible, and simple too… I just needed to add… Continue reading “Javascript library to manage Flash Local Stored Objects”

JavaScript, ExternalInterface, Flash and Local Shared Objects

I was looking into flash’s local shared objects ( from here on LSO’s ) recently as a method of data persistence on a clients browser as the plain old HTTP cookie has its limitations.

LSO’s are like cookies and are sometimes referred to flash cookies but there are 2 main differences between them. A normal HTTP cookie can store around 4k of data, while the flash cookie can store up to 100k. Also a normal cookie is pretty easy to remove while removing a flash cookie is far more convoluted, which is a matter of some contention.
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