Remove all .svn folders in subdirectory

You may want to copy the contents of one folder to another, but if the original folder is already added to Subversion (SVN) you get an error when committing the new folder.

When a folder is committed to SVN, a .svn folder is added to each folder within the folder subdirectory. To un-add the folder from SVN, you simply remove this .svn folder.

To save time, you can remove all .svn folders within the folder subdirectory by using the following command.
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Here is a good guide on how to exclude files and directories from SVN.

Serge Desmedt

Excluding files from your repository
Sometimes you may have types of files or folders in your source code tree that you do not want to include in your source code repository. Everyne developing with Visual Studio will immediately know what I mean: VS automatically makes bin and obj subfolders for your project folder in which it puts the buildresults and also creates *.suo files with your personal settings for a solution.

It would be convenient if we could exclude these files from our repository once and for all without having to manually uncheck them each time we update our project. Fortunatly, Subversion allows us to do this. In fact, there are two possibilities for exclusion.

Global exclude

With the global exclude we can exclude a certain type of file of being added to any repository to which a certain client connects. To do this, you must edit the Subversion “config”…

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