WordPress Localization Plugin for Sublime Text

I wrote this plugin for Sublime Text to help on a project where I am localizing a lot of text.

I found I was copy and pasting the same i18n methods over and over so I decided that there must be a relatively easy way to automate this using a plugin.

Now I select some text, press my key shortcut and the text gets replaced with the appropriate i18n method.
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Find large files on a Mac using Terminal

Every few days, I had an issue where my startup disk was full and emptying the trash just wasn’t doing enough.

I found the following command online that searches a file system for files over 500MB and prints the file path. It identified files I had totally forgotten about as well as some huge files generated by apps I no longer used.

sudo find / -size +500000 -print

I then used the rm command to delete files. When deleting entire directories I used the recursive flag (be careful!)
rm -rf <directory path>

Kudos to davidcraddock.net

Remove all .svn folders in subdirectory

You may want to copy the contents of one folder to another, but if the original folder is already added to Subversion (SVN) you get an error when committing the new folder.

When a folder is committed to SVN, a .svn folder is added to each folder within the folder subdirectory. To un-add the folder from SVN, you simply remove this .svn folder.

To save time, you can remove all .svn folders within the folder subdirectory by using the following command.
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