Microsoft SQL Service Broker

What is Microsoft’s SQL service broker?
Its a message queuing platform on Microsoft’s SQL Server. It allows you to queue up jobs for the database to deal with asynchronously.

Why use it?
I’m no DBA, but in my case, I was working with a database server that was at full tilt and there was work that it could be handle asynchronously to spread the load. So there was data that needed processing but it did not need to be handled immediately, like data for some reports. This data could be placed on a queue to be processed by the database server in it’s own good time, evening out the demands on the server.

How does it work?
Well its pretty straightforward yet it looks a bit ridiculous written down. I think this because as a platform it can handle a lot of data messaging scenario’s and as such the syntax and examples usually given are quite generic.

Here’s the official guide, happy mining through all that!

You can find better ones here and here.

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