Debugging tool works wonders with Internet Explorer

Came across a cool debug tool today, its called Fiddler2.

Fiddler2 is a…

Web Debugging Proxy which logs all HTTP(S) traffic between your computer and the Internet

It works well with all browsers but most browsers have a decent built in debug console, so it is not entirely necessary.

However if you have the misfortune of debugging in the mixed up world of Internet Explorer ( a.k.a. IE ), you will know that in pre-IE8 browsers there is no debug tool available. Even for IE8, there is the developer debug tool, while it allows you to access and edit (to some extent) the HTML/CSS/Scripts in runtime.
However, it lacks the ability to see what requests are made and what responses you receive, which is essential data in understanding what your site is doing.
Apparently though, in IE9, the developer debug tool has added this capability.

The Fiddler2 tool itself looks a little clunky but it is powerful. It runs as a desktop application intercepting traffic between your browser and the internet, provides you with the data, timelines and statistics.

In a world of pain, Fiddler2 offers you some minor relief… thanks guys!

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